Venture behind Mingary’s robust 13th century curtain wall and you’ll find an exquisite blend of luxurious Georgian style and ancient history. A long abandoned yet enduring feature of Ardamurchan’s wild southern coast, the Castle and its recent renovations have been welcoming guests since 2016 (the first time its drawbridge had been lowered in 150 years).

A painstaking process, we’re delighted with the transformation that the Castle and its three ranges bring together, and we think you’ll like it too. The crumbling stonework, long collapsed roofs and floors buried deep in undergrowth are no longer – today the building is full of new life and old charm; oak panelling, four poster beds, Caithness stone flooring, a hand carved staircase, lavish furnishings and tastefully integrated conveniences fill its halls.

From the range of suites, each with their own unique features and style, to the grandness of the living and dining rooms – Mingary is just as stunning as the wilderness that surrounds it. A trip beyond the Castle walls (or even taking in the panoramic views from the battlement walkways) will reveal some of the finest countryside in the UK. Our mountains, moorland and waters are teaming with rare and beautiful flora and fauna. The south-facing sea gate will take you down to the volcanic rock promontory and even closer to the waves.

For more on the three year labour of love that’s seen Mingary revitalized into its current glory visit the Mingary Castle Restoration Trust website.


If you’ve already read a bit about Mingary’s history you’ll know it wasn’t always such an oasis of peace. In its 700-odd years it’s seen vikings, sieges, royalty, assassinations and many a power struggle. After a stay here, we’re sure you’ll return home with a few stories of your own…