Code of Conduct

We ask that all visitors to the area help us in our mission and stay safe by sticking to the code of conduct. This means always keeping a respectful distance from any animals you come across. If the animal interrupts its behavior (resting or feeding for example), then you’re too close. Never interfere with animals engaged in breeding, nesting, or caring for young – certain species will abandon their young and are protected by law.

Patience is key. The most beautiful experiences and photographs result from natural action. Don’t crowd, pursue, prevent escape, make deliberate noises to distract, startle or harass wildlife. As well as being dangerous for both you and the animal, it creates unfair stress on creatures. The impact of which is cumulative. Damaging or removing plants is of course forbidden, as is littering.

Education is a big part of making the most out of your time here too. Being able to recognise alarm signals and understanding that these animals are not tame will serve you and the surrounding environment well. These animals don’t think or behave like humans do so we urge visitors not to anthropomorphize them… no matter how cuddly and Instagram-friendly they may seem! The welfare of the subject and habitat are irrefutably more important than the photograph or stories you get to take home with you after visiting.

Find out more information about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code here