Dining at the Castle

Mingary’s been through more than a few changes over the course of its 700 year history, a tradition that we’ve carried on through the dining experiences we offer to guests here. We like to regularly switch up the food, service and style of our set menu (usually between 7 and 15 courses… or more depending on your palate). Hosted in the castle’s opulent dining room you’ll join the other guests for an evening of seasonal fine dining served straight from Mingary’s well-stocked and dedicated kitchen.

One thing that doesn’t change is the abundance of meat that we have access to from Ardnamurchan’s 10,000 hectares of land. The menu, which is refreshed on a daily basis, features beef, venison and lamb that’s rich with all the goodness a life spent grazing on this bountiful landscape has to offer.

Dinner is priced at £70 per person and pre booking is required with a minimum of 24hrs notice. Availability is dependant on guest numbers staying at the castle, due to limited space at the castles dining table. We don’t have a dress code (although dressing up is always fun and fitting within the setting of the castle!).