Staying Safe

At Ardnamurchan we don’t have many street lights. We’ve just had a 4 minute conversation in the office debating where there may be street lights other than along Glasbheinn Cottages. Anyway, we often ask Jane about her bright yellow, reflective jacket she wears once the clocks go back. Apparently it’s due to a promise to her parents, if for any reason she has to be out in the dark on our remote road, she’ll have the jacket on so that she can be seen.

In Norway, the police regularly patrol the streets and hand reflective badges that dangle from pins. These are then pinned to the front and back of jackets of people out walking in the dark, so that vehicle lights catch them.

The children at our local Primary School, always wear their Hi-Viz vests when they are out of the school on trips.

All of these are a great way of ensuring you are seen by vehicles, but what about our dogs.

Well Julie has solved the problem of trying to find Tink in the dark…


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