Puffin Coffee

Today we had a delightful visit to “The Puffin Coffee” a recently opened little cafe which has become quite popular very quickly. Roddy & Olivia are ensuring their business is as green as possible. They offer an organic, free trade, unique blend coffee and rainforest alliance certified tea to have aside a good variety of quality munchie things which will appeal to all the family.

There is a shove halfpenny game to play and for those budding and indeed experienced artists the opportunity to have your drawing or painting framed in their doodle frame, I believe there is a free beverage available for those who get in the frame, but I may be wrong so that you will have to negotiate!

Puffin Coffee have a loyalty card scheme, the place is clean, the ambiance is sweet and the staff are friendly and informative. There are some interesting items for sale including art works as well as souvenir items.

Going back to green all the used coffee grains go to our local community garden.

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