Edible Packaging?

Helen and Toby Lee of Helen Clark Art at Glenbeg are proud to announce the packaging used to send to customers is organic, bio degradable, compostable and plastic free. Toby said recently to their 96,500 Facebook followers, ‘This is the start of our new logo and re branding as a move to environmentally friendly practices. All packaging is now 100% environment friendly. We are, at the moment, Scotland’s only Online Art business to adopt this.Lets hope more businesses follow our lead.’

In fact their packaging is good enough to eat! (bubble wrap made from sugar would you believe?!)  Personally, I can’t wait until Mingary Castle’s Head Chef Darren Ross, tries to feature the bubble wrap in one of his creative dishes.

If you are up on holiday, call into the Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre and see some of her work in different mediums.  You can keep up to date with all that Helen is doing by following her on Facebook

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