Christmas Party Time!

It is the season to make merry!

It’s a time to leave our desks, vehicles, sheds, and the hills and come together to celebrate this Festive time of year.

We are lucky that we can have our Christmas Party in our own pub!  Not so lucky for our friends and neighbours around us though, as we are shutting the Kilchoan Hotel to the public on Friday 21st December which means none of the usual Friday Night Fish and Chips! (There is always Sanna Spice though folks!)

So to reiterate on Friday 21st December the Kilchoan Hotel will not be open to the public.

We are also lucky that most of us will have 2 days to recover before we are back into the office on the 24th, but spare a thought for whichever member of the Farming team will be on duty on Saturday morning!



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