All Round to Mrs Brown’s

The office will be down 2 members of staff today, as Joanie and Jane are off to the giddy lights of Glasvegas to see the BBC Scotland Production “All Round to Mrs Brown’s”. Jane managed to win two tickets in the random draw that is run by BBC Scotland. They left Kilchoan last night to stay in the central belt, so that they would be in plenty time to arrive in Glasgow.  They are looking forward to seeing what Agnes and Winnie, Mark, Cathy, Rory, Dermot, Trevor, Betty and Maria, not forgetting Dino and Buster are up to.

Joanie and Jane have to be at Pacific Quay by 2pm to have their online tickets validated, then doors open at 3pm.  They will then gather in a large hall and members of BBC will come in and explain what will happen when they are led through to the recording studio.  Once everyone is seated, recording starts at 1545 and their paperwork says that the expected finish time is 1830, but for those of us familiar with Mrs Brown, it may be after that 🙂

If you didn’t know you could apply for tickets to BBC shows, the link is here A word to the wise though, on this page, all the shows being advertised are on this page, you need to select the location you are willing to travel to/within to ensure you know where the filming takes place.


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